Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Back to blogging?!!

I've been away for far too long to even remember my own url.
Honestly, so much have changed and so much to blog I don't even know how to begin.
I shall start with, I QUIT MY JOB.
It was back in May when i finally make this huge decision, to be a full time stay at home mother to my almost 2 year old boy. It was not a hard decision to make, but it was quite shocking as to many, it was very unexpected. The truth is, I really wanted to spent as much time as I can with my little guy. He grow up way too fast.

That said, it's not always sweet and rosy at home. There were some good days ( many ), but also a lot of bad days. Staying at home with someone 24/7 who I can barely communicate with at first,  and almost fully rely on me can be very lonely, demanding, and sweet. Sweet that someone rely on me so completely, sweet that I get to be there to witeness every single one of his developments, from his first step, to his first words, and now his first sentences. It's so rewarding, and I would not want to trade anything for them.

Our days are packed with activities from Monday to Friday. Raising a little toddler definitely forced me to be an outdoor person more.  He enjoyed the great outdoor, be it the park, local library, mother group, soccer class, gymbaroo, or just chilled out with me at the cafe down the road. To be honest I have never drive so much compare to before, and we even bought a second car earlier this year so that I can go out and about with him without negotiating with the husband about the used of car! It's been a challenging and yet joyous few months, and I really hope I get to blog more often about our little daily life.

Here are some most recent pics of my little guy, growing up so fast i wished i could freeze the time!


atlantisian said...

He did grown up so fast, standing like a boy now!

Lee said...

welcome back.

atlantisian said...

Love the second picture, he is super cute with the smile on his face.