Monday, December 3, 2012

Here comes december...

 It's been like..forever since my last entry! I have certainly being kept busy by my little man, who are growing up really fast, and are turning one in less than 20 days!!! Time certainly flies when we have fun.
We are blessed enough to have a nanny to help taking care of manny for the past 6 months. I won't say i enjoy every minute of living with a complete stranger, but I am definately grateful for her because her love for my little son was sincere and pure. And she definately help me kept my insanity when things get out of control at home sometime. Husband and i get to duck out from time to time to enjoy some date time, watch a movie, enjoy a dinner, or go for a swim etc, which was very important to maintain the balance with having a little extra person in our life and marriage. Sadly, she will be leaving us next week, and i'll be spending my holiday being a  fulltime mommy to my little boy.
So we decided to treat her for a ferry ride and enjoy the fantastic view of Sydney.

The weather was perfect and since manny was an early riser, we manage to enjoy everything before the weather gets really really warm. It was the first time he took a ferry, and he quite enjoyed himself, especially with the seagulls coming very close to him to say hello.
aren't we cool with our sunnies on?
My almost 1 year old!
It's hard to imagine around the this same time last year i was anticipating the birth of manny, and now, look at him, he is learning to say a few simple words, learning to walk, love to laugh, cheeky, push his boundaries, etc etc. I love him every minute of the day although he does drives me crazy sometime. It's true that motherhood changes you, but not all the changes are wonderful. For the past 12 months, our quiet, tranquill life have been turn upside down by the arrival of this little christmas gift from God. Here are some of the list of stuff that goes on for the past 12 months:
1. Forget about the weekend sleep in, count ourself blessed if we can sleep until 6am undisturb!
2. I seldom shop for myself anymore, it's just weird that whenever we're out, we're always in the baby aile while doing grocery shopping or baby shop when are out and about.
3. channel 22 ( children programme ), is always on now, and we know a lot of those silly characters which i never understand why kids loves..
4. we tend to talk in a high pitch silly voices
5. travelling light is such a foreign word
6. dinner at 5 or the latest 6, and we dined really fast when out and about.
7. bedtime by 8 or 9, and our whole house become quite pretty much after 730
8. we eatch TV with subtitile, muted or with headphones
9. we're always late to everything, and No, we're not sorry.
10. luxury indulgence can be a simple as to be able to finish watching a movie in one go!
and of cos, the list goes on, but I've also become very then. Have a great Summer.

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atlantisian said...

wow, he really grown up quite a bit compare to the picture in your last entry. I absolutely understand what you are talking about. Went back to Kuching a few weeks ago, baby sitting my nephew the whole week, and I lose 1 and 1/2 kg. The whole supposedly quiet and relaxing back-to-Kuching-trip just went upside down,but in a good way ;) I miss him so much now since i'm back in KL.